Pressure / Vacuum vessels for any pressure and full vacuum are manufactured by us in FRP & other Material of construction to handle highly corrosive chemicals like HCL, H2SO4, HNO3, NaOH & many more.

We use the best quality Fibre Reinforced Polymer material to make an end product that entails smooth functioning. These Pressure Vessels are hydraulically Efficient & Corrosion Resistant. We manufacture customized Reaction / Agitation vessel best suited for duty condition.


Absolute Corrosion resistant
High Mechanical strength & Durability
High impact & abrasion resistance
Easy of repair and Handling due to light weight


All types of Reaction vessels
Agitation vessels

M.O.C :

Scrubbers can be made in the following materials of construction, FRP using various grades of resin like Isophthalic (Polyester), Vinyl Ester, Bisphenol, Super Vinyl Ester or Dual Laminates like PP+FRP, PVC+FRP, PVDF+FRP, TFM+FRP, FEP+FRP, PFA+FRP, ECTFE+FRP etc.

Range :

Vessels can be offered up to full vacuum
Pressure vessel up to 10 kg / cm2 working pressure.
Reactor assembly with varying shaft size, gear box ratio, type of blade, etc.

Tests :

Dimensional stability
Visual Inspection