GRP/FRP PIPES are now being accepted all over in Chemical, Petroleum, Gas, Water Transportation, Sea Water, Sewerage, etc. GRP/FRP pipes are competing with conventional material like Ductile Iron, Epoxy Coated MS, PVC, HDPE because of its major advantage of being non-corrosive in nature and long life with proper selection of resin.

GRP/FRP pipes have an inherent advantage of high corrosion resistance to sea water, cold water for power plants, chlorine/acid and brine solutions. They can operate continuously at higher temperatures and installation can be done above-ground, at sub-sea level as well as underground for cover depths of 8 m.


High corrosion resistance
High strength to weight ratio
High dimensional stability
High insulating properties
Light weight
Easy installation
Low maintenance cost


Process Piping & Tubing
Non Corrosive Piping Systems
Sewage Piping
Water Transferring Systems
Gas Piping
Effluent Piping
Round & Sq. Ducting

M.O.C :

Pipes, Ducts & Stack can be made in the following materials of construction, FRP using various grades of resin like Isophthalic (Polyester), Vinyl Ester, Bisphenol, Super Vinyl Ester or Dual Laminates like PP+FRP, PVC+FRP, PVDF+FRP, TFM+FRP, FEP+FRP, PFA+FRP, ECTFE+FRP etc.

Range :

Supplied from 100mm to 4000mm diameter.
Withstanding pressures up to 30 bars
Supplied with fire-retardant additives to reduce flame spread.
Supplied with special conductive layer inside
Outside layer provided with pigment color as per the requirements.
Supplied with all required fittings (flange, bend, reducer, tee, cross, 450 Lateral).