In this process, our motive of commitment to quality never gets neglected. We have adapted to the most stringent quality policy in our production line so that total customer satisfaction can be achieved. We believe in continuous improvement of our product line without any compromise with the quality.

Quality Objectives

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve work performance
  • Training of staff / workers
  • Implement & improve Quality Management System

Quality Assurance

Our raw materials are procured from very well assessed reputed manufacturers having a strong technical background. Over and above the test certificates of our suppliers every batch of Raw materials are tested Prior to usage. Important tests like tensile strength, Barcol hardness, Cure time etc. are regularly verified and monitored from our end.

Along with our quality check and stage-wise internal inspections we are able to maintain our high quality standards.

With our sincere efforts, hard work and consistency we have proven ourselves as leading manufacturers of quality equipments in India.

Performance tests are carried out as per IS - 4894 & dynamic balancing is carried out as per ISO - 1940. Testing as per BS-848 part-1 can also be offered.

We at Corrocomp Plastics Pvt. Ltd are committed to meet our customers' requirements to their satisfaction by offering products as per agreed specification.

To achieve our goal we shall continuously improve our work performance, train our persons, follow & improve Quality Management System.

Quality Control & Testing

All our products are manufactured under controlled supervision right from the raw material receipt to finished product delivery. For every product Overall & Stage wise Quality Assurance Plan is prepared & tests/inspections are carried out at various stages.

For Fabrication of FRP/GRP Equipments the following Tests/Checks are carried out :

Raw Material Testing & Records

  • Checking of physical properties with respect to supplier's Test Certificate
  • Checking of Gel Time for all grades of Resin
  • Checking of all bought outs
  • Record of Resin type & quantity
  • Record of Glass type & quantity